Gisele and Terry.

Terry Richardson would have to be one of my favourite photographers. I love the rawness of his work and all of his subjects always seem so at home and comfortable in front of the lens. Then there is Gisele. My favourite model when I was a young cat and still up there in the top five. I stumbled across these shots on Terry's tumblr and had to share.. No words can describe how amazing she looks (in my eyes).. Flawless and goddess come close.. Anyway, enjoy xx


Life with Bird, Hawksburn.

So tonight was the official opening of my sisters fifth store in Hawskburn Village, Melbourne.  It is such a beautiful store which Bird and Nick pretty much designed and built themselves (pretty impressive!). Fitted with what looks to be unfinished wood work, white walls and diagonal white cement boxes/ stands, the store is very minimal and fresh, which I personally love as the clothes come to life against the stark contrasting background. I took a couple of photos to share with you all while I was browsing around looking at all the beautiful clothes. The current collection is amazing and I have to say each time round, Bridget and Nick's designs seem to just get better and better! Definitely a little bit proud :) Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos below (and pop into one of the stores if your planning a shopping day- you won't be disappointed!) xx

Holst + Lee

So we recently received a new jewellery label at work (Husk) which caught my attention straight away. Holst + Lee is the collaboration of the two creatives Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee. The two girls were both born in South America, however they met and began their line in New York. With backgrounds in art and fashion, the inspiration for the line comes from a wide range of people, places, culture and materials. The jewellery has been very popular around the world appealing to people from all walks of life. Some of the countries that stock the brand include Japan, Paris, London, Spain, Sweden, Australia and more! However if you don't happen to live in one of those countries, there are many online stores that the girls also stock at such as; Holst + LeeSadee SaysShopbop and Shop L-atitude. Anyway, I have definitely fallen in love so I thought I should definitely share :) xx


Life with Bird Sale. Melbourne.

So it's that time of year again, sale time!!!! If you live in melbourne you have to go down to Chapel st to the Life with Bird sale. There is amazing stock and it's all so cheap :) Sale is on till Monday December 3rd so there's still plenty of time. Don't forget :) All details in the flyer below xx



So I am lucky enough to of crossed paths with the beautiful Jacqui, designer and director of Auberre. Her stunning silk scarves are enough to get anyone smiling. They are simply gorgeous. Not only do they look amazing, but the fabric and feel is so soft and wonderful. To the point that once they are in your hands, it's hard to let go. The colours are so so vibrant and while I was sitting outside looking at them against the garden, I thought I should take some photos to show you all. I ended up getting a bit creative and placed them all around the backyard and ended up with all these amazing photos!  'One trick pony' (in the last photo) is the stunning beige and orange scarf which is vibrant yet soft and I can imagine it looking stunning on anyone. 'So Wylde' (sixth photo) lives up to its name and is a great statement scarf which I just love. The green trim on 'The Nancy' scarf (fourth photo) adds a contrast to the earthy print and is a point of difference which is unique and works perfectly. My favourite of the six I got to play with would have to be 'Own the Night' (eighth photo).  I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but the colour combination is beautiful and I can already picture wearing it with lots of summer outfits!! Oh and by the way they are only about $150 so they are so affordable, given the printed silk. Perfect present for a friend or someone in the fam! Anyway, I thought I'd ask Jacqui some questions about her and the label while I had the chance as I am always wondering how designers and labels come about. So here's what I found out… (ps hope you like the photos!!)


Who are some of your favorite designers?
I’m inspired by brands and designers who keep their designs very clean and simple such as Celine and Chanel but I am obsessed with the individuality of Isabel Marant at the moment, she can do no wrong!!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Old movies, no one dresses like that anymore, so classic – so well put together. I also love spending hours on fashion blogs seeing what real people from around the world are wearing on the streets.

How would you define your personal style?
Blacks, greys & whites with bright highlights and oodles and oodles of accessories laid on top!

What matters to you most as a designer?
Making sure that every single piece I put the AUBERRE name to rocks my world before I expect it to excite my customers. If it is not amazing enough for me to want to wear it myself then why would I expect others to lust over it enough to want to buy and wear it??

Why did you choose accessories & not clothing?
I’ve been in the clothing industry for around 4-5 years so I wanted to do something completely different and have some fun with it. I love that you can change a simple daytime outfit into a fun night time outfit simply by adding the right accessories. 


*How would you define the style your current spring/summer 12 range?
The spring/summer12 collection was all about having a bit of fun with colour. There are some really amazing bright summer prints in the range as well as some more subtle classic styles so we can offer something for everyone. I really wanted to show the customers that there is a scarf to suit all moods & occasions!

*Do you have a favorite item from the spring/summer 12 collection?
My favourite piece would have to be The Westlake scarf in cobalt. I’m constantly wearing greys and whites so the fresh blues in the print really pop. It was such a great scarf to travel with last month as it went with everything.

*What are some of your goals for AUBERRE?
To expand the business into both ladies & mens accessories and offer luxurious homewares products further down the track. I’d like to travel the world more and bring back a little piece of AUBERRE from each place I visit to share with the customer, I want them to feel part of the journey.

*What type of woman wears AUBERRE?
The AUBERRE woman has a classic sense of style but she also likes to have a bit of fun with colour and prints from time to time.

*Where can we buy AUBERRE from?
My products are available only online HERE
 (www.auberre.com), or if you are located outside of Australia email info@auberre.com to place an order.


ANNA SELEZNEVA for Vogue Paris.

I am loving this editorial in Vogue Paris November 2012, shot by Lachlan Bailey. He is an amazing photographer! Click through to see more of his work. Anyway, I have always found Anna Selezneva so intriguing. Something about her look is very captivating. The stylist Geraldine Saglio has also done an amazing job. All together, a great shoot :) enjoy xx

Victorias Secret 2012 show.

Sneak peak of the Victoria's Secret 2012 runway show, to by aired on December the 4th.
Photos sourced from Vogue, shot by Kevin Tachman and JacandJil photoblogger Tommy Ton. Click through to see more photos. Here are my faves below. Love that the three Aussie models Miranda Kerr, Shanina Shaik and Jess Hart are apart of it all. They are all so beautiful and have the most amazing bodies/ faces! I guess that kind of goes without saying if you are one of the lucky few girls picked to walk in the shows. My dream would be to go to a show and see it live!! How amazing… These girls are other worldly!! enjoy :) xx

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